Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Today they started replacing all the windows in the house. It is amazing how quickly they can do this. I was able to photograph some of these guys hanging out of the upstairs windows in very precarious positions! The noise of hammering and the draft of cold air circulating through the house was too much, so I packed my drawing supplies and sat in the car drawing and listening to my book on tape. I was hoping to be able to start a painting but I guess that will have to wait until Friday. The window installers return tomorrow to do the first floor windows and sliding glass doors. I guess I'll be doing more drawing tomorrow as well. I can see a lot of paintings in these drawings but I still have some ideas to get down on paper.


Nava said...

I see some exciting possibilities in some of these! And I love how - when faced with lemons that prevent you from painting - you make lemonade by using it as a photo op.

RHCarpenter said...

I opened my latest copy of The Arist's Magazine and who did I see? Our own Myrna, the winner of the 30-minute self portrait challenge. Congratulations, Myrna! 2008 is gonna be your year!!!

Mary said...

Myrna, congratulations on yet another appearance in The Artist's Magazine. I was pleased to see your challenge painting featured!

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