Wednesday, June 14, 2017


WHIPLASH finished

This is the final version (I think) of my lastest painting, an acrylic on canvas.  I purchased a book on abstract textures in acrylic and started to play around.  The first instruction was to create a design with horizontal movement.  I put some dark diagonal splotches on top of the yellow ochre and viola!  I saw two eyes, and a nose!!  Can't fight the inevitable, I guess.  I went looking through my resource images to find something that would fit what showed up and found this wonderful face of  actor J. K. Simmons who played the despotic musical instructor in the movie Whiplash.   Great face, almost demonic.  I was able to pull lots of wonderful closeups by stopping the DVD and taking screen shots.    I have been working on this painting everyday and kept painting back into it.  I wanted to try and save the initial texture I created.   Wish I had more of the original but happy with the final results.  I photographed the painting at the end of each day.  Below is how the painting developed.  I wanted to keep it loose and more impressionistic.  I am getting closer and closer to that style.


I will be traveling for a few weeks and hope to bring home some new inspiration for future paintings.
lnspiration for future paintings.


Jeff Chase said...

One of my favorites, Myrna. Luminous background.

Chris Rogers said...

I continue to be enthralled by your work, Myrna.

Sonia said...

Powerful image, as usual Myrna.

Rita Sklar said...

You are inspiring, Myrna!

Rosie said...

I think I like the first image the best, very nysterious! Love your work!

RH Carpenter said...

How extraordinary! Lovely work, as always.

Meera Rao said...

congratulations :) And the colors really compliment the textures!!!

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