Sunday, June 11, 2017


While I await my next Immigrant participant, I have been experimenting incorporating images drawn and painted on a transparent material called Duralar.   This is an image I traced from a drawing I did in one of my sketch books.  First, and ink outline and then painted with very transparent acrylics.

This is an old painting I covered over with hand made collage papers.   I like it too much to take a chance putting some image directly on the surface.  I have ruined many good starts and had to cover over the mess and start over.  Using this new technique, I can preview how it will look before I take the plunge.

Here is the finished product.  


Chris Rogers said...

Thanks, Myrna, for continuing to introduce us to new materials and techniques.

Chris Rogers said...

Your travels and experimentation continue to give me inspiration. Thanks, Myrna.

Barbara said...

love these! I would like to try this technique. I've been wanting to combine some of my figure studies with abstract... could you post a link to the product?? When I googled it I saw that they have different ones. thank you!

Myrna Wacknov said...

Thank you chris and barbara. the duralar you want is for wet media. I don't have a link. bought it at my local art supply store.

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