Thursday, November 14, 2013


I had only enough time today to paint this one 5 x 7 rectangle.  Right now I am only using 3 colors: white, ultramarine and burnt sienna.  The white and sienna are heavy open acrylics but the blue is an acrylic ink.  I am trying to leave the tone of the under layer showing through but I am having to make corrections along the way which results in covering up.  I am not drawing the image before painting but just massing in the shapes with light value and dark value while leaving the paper as the mid value.  I am going to leave the white alone for now.  When all nine sections are complete, I will evaluate the overall effect and possibly glaze much of the white.   So far I am pleased with the effect.

Traveling again over the weekend but then back at work on Tuesday.  


CrimsonLeaves said...

This is marvelous! I love the almost haunting effect you've achieved with the painting too.

Jeanette Jobson said...

I just love what you've created here. The colour and textures are perfect.

Jo Murray said...

Looks great Myrna.

Cory said...

Love, love, love everything about this little painting.

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