Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I started this painting today.  I have another I am working on but I didn't feel like   painting on it and wanted to get some art done, so I thought I would have several going at the same time.  My wonderful husband bought me a new Mac computer with a 27" screen and WOW!  The imagery is awesome.  Now I want to paint in my office so I can utilize the screen.  I was playing around with the Photo Booth  app and took a few pictures then did a little photoshopping.  This is the basis for my new painting.  I usually paint the dark value in cool colors, so I thought I would use red this time and see what develops.  So far, I am breaking the "rules" by centering the image a bit too much.  I will see if I can pull it off, otherwise there is always the option of cropping to create the balance I need.  Working directly instead of drawing and transferring does create challenges.  Starting with a Notan (2 values) helps to focus on shapes and relationships.  I thought I would keep this one 80% warm.  I am fascinated by the 80/20 idea of dominance, often 80/15/5.   Just one more thing to be thinking about which  adds complexity to the process.


Anonymous said...

Myrna, how do you read that TINY, TINY type on the Mac? Makes my eyes crazy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Myrna, This is an interesting portrait, the expression is intriguing. I think your value pattern adds mystery. It will be fun to see how you complete it.

I like the idea of 80/20. I think I tend to be closer to 50/50 which can be a problem. Pushing to 80/20 or 80/15/5 would provide insight into value patterns. So much in one painting! Wonderful!

Jean said...

Lovely work!

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