Tuesday, January 1, 2013


KEVIN first iPad sketch of 2013

It has been a very unproductive (art wise) period for a while.  Time to get back to work!  January is starting out with a demonstration for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society on Sunday, January 13th and then a five day workshop Advanced Portraiture.  I need to do a little prep work for that.  I also am in the process of developing a new 3 day workshop.  I will be creating examples to go with the lesson plans which should keep me busy and focused.

I always create a plan for the year, narrowing my options to 5 or so.  This helps in developing creative breakthroughs.  One of the items on my plan for the year is to do a drawing a day with my iPad.  It will help me develop my skills with this new tool and keep me drawing every day.  I discovered this interesting technique from the Cloth, Paper, Scissors Blog where you can print an image from your computer onto tissue paper (one of my favorite collage materials) and then incorporate it into a painting.  This will be a great way to utilize a digital drawing!  I am going to try this today if I manage my time well.  Hopefully, I will have something to show you tomorrow.

Happy New Year to all and a wish for a productive and fulfilling year of self expression!


Anonymous said...

Hi Myrna and Happy New Year! You have a way with the iPad that is stunning. It will be fun to see your iPad work develop.

Chantal said...

Year, Myrna ! Glad to see you're back ! I'm eager to see what you'll do, and I intend to follow a lot of your advice and ideas, this year !!! Thanks a lot for sharing !!

Leada Wood said...

Hi Myrna, which cloth paper scissors is that in. I have tried ironing it to freezer paper but it stuck too well and I couldn't get the image off! May need a little instruction in that technique! LOL!

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