Sunday, January 13, 2013


DEMO for Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society 1/2013
I had the pleasure of being the guest artist for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society this afternoon and demonstrated painting color for darker skin tones.  I painted on Tyvek with Dr. Ph Martin's Hydrus  liquid watercolors.  This was the result accomplished in about 1 1/2 hours in all.  The more I look at it the more I want to make some adjustment.  Sometimes leaving something alone is the best strategy.  I will think on it.  

It was a full room with lots of familiar faces and a very attentive audience. I am a member of this group and received such a warm reception.  The volunteers who run the workshop and details of the demos went out of their way to be helpful.  Lots of fun for me and I hope for everyone else.  Tomorrow starts the 5 day workshop and I hope to post each day.

Here is a link to a workshop I will be doing on the coast of southern Oregon later this summer.  Check it out if you are interested.  This is a gorgeous spot and a wonderful program is planned.


CrimsonLeaves said...

I find this a stunning piece, Myrna. I love it! Of course, I have loved everything you've shared on this blog since I first found it too.

Leah Tomsky said...

Which workshop are you doing in Oregon? I want another but different one from Kanuga. Leah

Mary Paquet said...

Myrna, thanks for the great demo. It reminded me of how to go about painting on the Tyvek. I love this piece!.

Mary Paquet said...

Myrna, thanks for the wonderful demo. You reminded me how to go about painting on Tyvek. Love this piece!

Bridget said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your demo. It was so interesting to watch you and learn about the tyvek and Hydrus. I'm looking forward to trying these products and your future posts about the workshop. I would have loved to take it but I need to get some portrait experience first! Thank you and I hope your back is doing alright.

There is a product called ThermaCare that has stick on heat patches that stay warm for hours, you should give them a try. You can get them at places like Target and Walgreens.

Lisa Nagel said...

this is amazing!!! touching..! please take a look at my blog and share me your opinion!

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