Wednesday, May 9, 2012






Some of you may be aware that I have become addicted to the Pinterest site.  I happily spend lots of time looking at lots and lots of images.  The ones I want to save, I pin on my Pinterest Boards, which I have categorized according to how I may want to use them.  It is a wonderful way to have everything in one place.  For one thing,  I know where to find my recipes instead of pieces of paper all over the place.  But the best Pinterest finds are many wonderful images that inspire ideas for paintings.  Today I decided I need to start drawing from these images.  This is the Pinup Girl I wanted to start with.  Ah, I love them on other people!  This image had it all for me...interesting angle of the head, distortion from angle of the camera lens, lots and lots of wrinkles in the face and hands plus multiple triangles in the composition.  I am very attracted to triangulated compositions.

This is my favorite approach to drawing....modified contour line.  I purposely kept the pencil on the paper and kept the line continuous as long as possible, weaving my way down the page.  This helps produce a more interesting drawing and a more assured line.  I rarely erase but prefer to draw the image again, making changes and corrections in each succeeding drawing.  I become more familiar with the image, how the parts work together as a whole and eventually, I produce a drawing that satisfies me.  My goal is to do lots of drawings from my Pinterest collection and then working from my drawings, alone, combine the images in someway to create some new paintings.  While I am drawing, different painting possibilities surface in my mind.


Sadami said...

Hi, Myrna,
I LOVE your drawings that interest me so much. Thanks!!

Autumn Leaves said...

These are fabulous, Myrna! Personally I'm not a super huge fan of pinterest. I think it is too overwhelming and I haven't really figured out the point of it. I am on there though and the images are fascinating.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Love all those lovely interesting lines in your portrait drawings! and your Pinterest collection is awesome :) I still have not learned to keep away from the eraser.


I accidentally erased your comment, so here it is. Thanks for always being supportive.

kaya casper said...

i like the way you've been able to create so much depth with lines. #3 is my favorite, the hand is almost reaching out of the page.

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