Friday, May 18, 2012





Well, you know, practice, practice, practice.  I particularly like continuous line drawing.  These aren't totally made with one line but I try to keep the pen to the paper as long as possible.  I am continually creating a collection of different styles of drawing on my Pinterest board, but I keep going back to this style when I want to sketch, so I think I have found what feels right for me.  My goal is to do lots of drawings and then make some paintings working strictly from the drawings and not the original reference.  I think this last composition of the two heads peering over the shoulder of the central figure has interesting potential.  

I have found I can get amazing distortion taking photos with my iPad.  Plus, my husband gave me a new camera for Mother's Day that has a 20X zoom, yet it is even smaller and lighter weight than my last camera.  Fortunately, not too much of a learning curve to use the new camera.


CrimsonLeaves said...

These are exquisite, Myrna. I remember doing contour drawings in a drawing class back in college and doing continuous line contour drawings...and blind contour drawings. All unique! Love that middle one with both people having a hand to their face.

Sadami said...

Wonderful post that inspores me so much. Like you, I keep drawing and drawing, drawing, and develop painting. Although your style is different from mine, I do a similr approach. Keep up! Inspire us more.
Kind regards, Sadami

Anita said...

These are so beautifully free and expressive. i must try something like this.

Rita Sklar said...

Wonderful drawings, Myrna.

Jo Murray said...

Great drawing... it's the mileage that counts.

. said...

Fantastic sketches, love them and I think you have for sure found a unique and special style that is you. Great inspiration!!!

David Humberk said...

So creative and new thing......I have seen this sort of paintings.Thanks for posting so beautiful pictures!!!!!

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