Saturday, January 28, 2012


I kept thinking the painting needed some gold but I was challenged to incorporate the gold without making it the dominant element.  My critic group had a few suggestions.  I took a few to heart and added my own idea.  The thing about applying gold to the surface is it's like jumping off a cliff .  There is no going back!  I gave the painting another coat of red unifying the background better and even covering the black calligraphy.  Then I applied gold gesso (Daniel Smith brand) over the old black calligraphy.  Then I mixed black gesso to a brushable consistency and went over the gold letting part peek out.  Lastly I added the Chinese symbol for "love" with just gold gesso.  I have a stencil of this character but I just used it for reference and wrote the word by hand.  

Today I started the next painting in this series.  It is based on the technique in the Creative Catalyst DVD by Anne Bagby where she does a detailed pencil drawing, sprays it, then glazes over with unusual colors, adds white to bring the values back then finishes painting it.  I have the white "grisaille" done.  Tomorrow I will finish it up.  Look for the post with all the steps tomorrow night!

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Michelle Himes said...

I love the addition of the gold, Myrna, but I kind of wish that the "texture" underneath showed a little more at the end. Maybe somewhere between step 3 and the final.

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