Thursday, January 5, 2012


Watercolor Artist magazine asked me to be a guest author for the "Creativity Corner" feature in the April issue.  Published every other month, it will be the next one which should hit the newsstands in March.  I asked them once why the publication is released a month in advance.  I was told she didn't know but it was standard industry practice.  This is one of the paintings illustrating the creative idea.  I hope you all join in after reading the article and take up the challenge.

I finally got around to one of my goals for the year.  I wanted to combine exercise and sketching in the same outing.  I was planning to do this everyday but today was my first time out.  If exercise is involved, procrastination is not too far behind!  So my plan is to drive to an interesting destination for sketching, park the car and then walk 20 minutes in some direction, turn around and walk back (that covers 2 miles for me) and then spend 20 minutes or more sketching.  Today I drove to a beautiful newer park along San Francisco Bay near my home.  I have been wanting to check this place out every time I drove by.   The structure around the play areas are most unusual and exciting.  Today was gorgeous and there were snowy egrets along the water's edge along with other shore birds.  The path along the Bay gives vistas of the East Bay Hills and Coyote Point Harbor.  The planes land at SFO just past this point so they are coming in low.  It was enough to make me actually enjoy exercise!  I started my sketch after the walk but wasn't able to stay more than 25 minutes.  I will go back on Saturday and finish it up, then post the results along with some photos of this pocket park.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Myrna,
May I be the first to congratulate you on starting the (dreaded?) exercise regimen!
Now, just stick with it!
I'm most eager to get a copy of the magazine once it hits the news stand. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

This is a stunning and powerful piece, Myrna. Your art is different from the rest and so beautiful and unique.

RH Carpenter said...

Looking forward to the magazine article, and hope you get lots of entries trying your techniques :) Your walk and sketch sounds great - I should do that, too - or just get out and walk (supposed to be 50F today!!)

Jane ferguson said...

Way to go Myrna,congrats on both accounts.Missed u yesterday,Which Bailey class are u doing????

Mel R said...

Let me be the first, on your blog, to congratulate you Myrna! This is really wonderful, and an enormous achievement.
Mel R

Lisa Graham Art said...

Wow Myrna! This is fantastically beautiful! I love it. And Congratulations...I will watch the newsstands for the issue.

meera said...

congratulations on both counts! Look forward to the magazine, the challenge you have for the readers and you sketches from your walk :)

vickiandrandyrossart said...

congrats, Myrna! You've earned the accolades.

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