Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today everyone did a bozzetto sheet with various expressions of the same face.  I have a wonderful series of photos I took of Preston Metcalf, the assistant curator of the Triton Museum in Santa Clara, Ca.  He has a wonderfully expressive face and was generous in letting me use these photos however I saw fit.  I like to use them for this exercise because the expressions are genuine, not an actor posing.  I decided to do a sheet based on a children's book, Sesame Street Opposites featuring Zero Mostel mugging his way through the book.  Talk about over acting!!  I also thought it would be instructive to demonstrate adding some collage elements.  This piece doesn't photograph true to how it actually looks.  Another fun day with lots of great student work!


meera said...

I wish I was attending this workshop! I have book by Alex Powers:- Painting People in Watercolor: A Design Approach - it was one of the first books I bought in early 90s when I first started (thinking about) painting and always meant to do this exercise 'angles of the head' with nine head. I have used the heads from his book for reference often but may be seeing your wonderful demo and slides will spur me to do actually do it.

Ally said...

I am loving seeing all these slides on your blog and getting really excited about the San Disgo workshop coming up in January!!!

Myrna Wacknov said...

Hi Meera, Alex Powers book is on my favorite list. I always show it when I teach portraiture. Thanks for following along.

Ally, so glad you like the slide show. I look forward to working with you in January!

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