Friday, December 18, 2009


Here is what the ATC book looks like put together. The Red Boot Bag is made from 2 lunch size bags fitted together and held in place with staples and decorative brads from the craft store. Our very own Martha Stewarts (one with a delightful English Accent), Jane Ferguson and Nancy Calhoun, made 18 bags....and each one was different! That's dedicated creativity. The whole idea reminded me of Valentine's Day in grade school where we decorated card board shoe boxes with doilies, red hearts, glitter, and what ever else we could think of, cut a slit in the lid and then every child put a valentine into everyone's box. I have forgotten what the boxes looked like but I still remember how I felt making them. Treasured memories of childhood. There was that same sense of excitement in the air yesterday as everyone admired each other's art and then went home with a small treasure from each of our friends. Here is a slide show of each "collection" for you to admire.


Jane Ferguson said...

Hi Jane Ferguson here,my creative helper for the bags was Nancy Calhoun and the design of the boot was actually hers.I just help with the creation.Thanks for sharing this Myrna.

Myrna said...

Thanks, Jane. I have corrected the post to include Nancy's contribution. Great, fun design work.

Cynthia said...

What a fabulous collection you now have....wonderful stuff!!! And in a little book to display at that...marvelous!! That boot is something else too.

debwardart said...

What fun! I loved the book video, too. It really is wonderful to have friends to paint with and do silly "kid" stuff with. Hope you laughed a lot, too!
I need to come to your blog more often - you are on my list for 2010! Happy holidays.

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