Saturday, August 8, 2009


Here is the last of the quartet of color studies. This one is ANALOGOUS COLORS (3 or 4 colors next to each other on the color wheel) As a random pick, I got Red Orange/Orange/Yellow Orange. I actually mixed the RO and YO together to get the orange as I didn't have one in the Hydrus line. My 3 forms of color trio was TINT/TONE/BLACK. I tried to stick to this but in the end I couldn't stand the total blackness of the side of the face so created a SHADE by brushing Red-Orange on top. I really like the result. I wound up "cheating" on my value plan, as well, as I was painting. In truth, this is the way to work. It pays to have a plan when you start but an artist needs to respond to what is happening on the page and make adjustments which may deviate from the plan to make the best painting possible. When I was a very inexperienced painter, many years ago, I remember being baffled by the expression "let the painting talk to you". It's exciting when you get to the stage that you not only understand this expression but have an engaging "conversation" with your painting.


Anonymous said...

I love this one the most, I am so inspired now I ordered that book to work and expreiment with the colours. Thanks Myrna :)

carolpete said...

I am glad to hear you say that you don't always follow your plan. I have been feeling guilty when I start deviating from my general plan. My best paintings seem to result, however, when I change my plans midstream.

Magdalena Bogart said...

Hi Myrna,
greetings from Jacksonville in Oregon, where I am taking an 8-week art-sabbatical. As soon as I hooked up to the computer at the house I am "house-sitting", I read your blog as I do almost daily.

Thank you so much for the Farber-Birren Concept. I had jotted in down in Mike b.'s color class last year (?)and found it today in my notebook. I realized I wrote in down completely wrong.

I corrected it, understood the principle and will practice accordingly due to your example.

My color palette is also set up based on S.Quiller's, whose work I just love.

Today I finally incorporated the idea of "value sketch" in my head
and applied it on two sketches.
What excitement, when all of a sudden it clicks in the head and thought processes connect and make sense.

Yours truly!

Guy Vincent Magallanes said...

I always plan, but what happens on the paper sometimes means responding in a different direction. As something develops I ask quickly "am I going to be in charge or am I going to let the painting develop naturally?"
Thanks for this post...

Myrna said...

Abeer, I have missed hearing from you. Hope all is well. I find that doing small exercises based on the concepts is the only way to really "get it".

Carol, glad you go with your intuition. Having a plan is the starting point, not necessarily the ending place.

Lena, it has taken me years and I am finally understanding how to use this information. Thanks for checking in.

Guy, thanks for sharing your perspective. Congratulations on the book. Your paintings are specacular.

Susan Webb Tregay NWS said...


Excellent. Such a face--and your wonderful distortion.


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