Friday, August 21, 2009


Gerry talked about the architect that created the phrase "less is more" then he quoted another architect who stated "Less is boooooooring" Mr. Brommer sides with the latter! Today's assignment was to have a "theme" and place your focal point in the top third of the vertically oriented page, then fill the bottom 2/3rds with lots of small drawings and words, much like a journal page. He likes to fill up all the space. This is a great idea for travel, especially. We started out with collage images, covered with washi paper then diluted gesso. After this dries, go back into it with drawing and painting.

I decided this was a good chance to see how my new photo transfer process would work. I ruined two sheets by printing on the wrong side. The ink just slides off and doesn't stick. What a mess! It was very difficult to see the coating on the side meant for printing, but I finally got it right and printed one page of drawings and one of colored paintings of my Frenchman. I made a contact sheet with nine on the sheet. It was lots of fun working with this idea. After I transferred the images, I used mostly tissue paper to collage over as I wanted a lot of the stuff to show through. Gerry suggests adding a border to unify the composition and contain all the small fragments. I still want to add some stronger ink lines and perhaps more words. Over all, I am pleased. It is very different from anything I have ever done before. I also want to try more of the transfer process on this surface. It has interesting possibilities.

I was too tired to unpack the car. Tomorrow I have to finish packing for my workshop in Ransom Canyon, Texas. I will need to switch hats and be the instructor instead of the student. I love both roles. Looking forward to renewing some friendships from my last Texas workshop and meeting some new friends.


Cynthia said...

ahhh the fifth day....I don´t want it to end! Here is a little watch of his DVD that we are all trying to find....Joe is sold out :(
If that does not work,,,just type in his name or Cheap Joe...I think it is under Cheap Joe´s videos.
Again, THANK YOU so much for inspiring us all and good luck at your own workshop.

Michelle Himes said...

I really enjoyed your synopsis of the workshop, Myrna. I've taken two workshops with Gerry Brommer, and I love him, both as an artist and as a teacher. No one in either of the workshops I took did portraits, and I love the way that you used his techniques for your personal subject matter. Awesome!

Sandy Maudlin said...

I can feel the energy just popping onto this blog post. What a GREAT workshop you had. And what LUCKY students you'll have in Texas next week. You are so so inspiring, Myrna, and I love the processes you did in this workshop. Exciting. Thanks so much for sharing your results. Beautiful art:-D

Diana Barringer said...

I'm with Cynthia, I don't want it to end. I loved his ideas combined with your work, what a great combination. Of course I tried Cheap Joes for the video but OH NO SOLD OUT. I shall be patient all good things come to those who wait.

I know the workshop you are giving will be just a exciting to your students.

trish said...

I hope I get to take one of his workshops someday, he sounds great!

Nina E J said...

hey this looks awesome!

Susan Cornelis said...

You are so generous with the sharing on your blog! I want to try it all, and most of all, I am so very impressed with your portraits. Maybe some day I'll have the opportunity to take one of your workshops!

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