Sunday, October 29, 2017


This is where we left off on the last post.  I decided it needed a unifying tone, so I collaged a single sheet of tan tissue over the entire painting.  The second benefit is that I now have a surface that will take watercolor especially the wax paper with gesso on it.  I wanted to use watercolor for the transparent quality so I wouldn't lose the collage details.   

I added white gesso using a q-tip cotton swab for the highlighted areas. A little lumpy and clumsy but not too bad.

tool using ink.  I decided to try theI started to add color using watercolor sticks and then blending them out with several items.  I started with a makeup sponge but wasn't overly happy.   I saw a video where someone had used a tampon as a non-traditional mark making m out.  They make great blending tools and a way to apply even color over a large area.  What a great discovery!

The hands are very problematic!   The original collage paper is too dark and throwing off the values I need.  Using my finger, I applied more gesso to the hands giving me a better surface to add back color and make some subtle improvements on the drawing .

I thought I was finished but every time I photograph the work something jumps out at me that didn't register before.  Time for fine tuning!  The yellow behind the head on the left too strong and the white on the collar is the brightest spot on the page making it the focal point.  

I toned the entire background with quin it's too yellow.  Neutralized it with the compliment of purple, much better.  This has darkened the background, making the light shape on the right drawing too much attention.  Fixed that problem, toned down the color and called it a day!

Here is the finished painting.  I found it impossible to photograph the color accurately in the studio.  I will have to take it outside to get away from artificial light.  

Just for fun here is the painting after the first start so you can see them side by side.


jane ferguson said...

Very cool, Loved the finished idea of the unifying orange tissue paper.

Anonymous said...

Having trouble leaving comments, but will try again. Great result, all those layers really elevate the end result. Sonia

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing the process. Always been a favourite of mine, they layering techniques, as were how I first learnt in high school art class....mixed media of newspaper, charcoal, and acrylic paint. xx


Meera Rao said...

So fascinatingly cool!!! Love how you tackle the various challenges! Love the painting !

Dorothy said...

Wonderful ! Would love to try the process. Don't know where to begin

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