Thursday, September 21, 2017


JANUARY 20, 2017
 I am excited to be teaching a workshop about working on YUPO for the Pleasanton Art League in October.  I decided to refresh my techniques and explore more ideas to share.  This is an example I just finished using India Ink on YUPO.  You cover the paper with ink and then remove the lighter values to get the final result.  Every day for a week I recovered the page with ink at the end of the session because I wasn't satisfied with the result.   That is one of the best things about YUPO.  You can keep reworking, removing, reapplying, lifting, etc. without damaging the paper.  I love that the paper doesn't buckle and I was surprised to discover that you can even use a dryer (carefully!) to speed things along.  

I am also developing a second Variations workshop, still based on creating a series utilizing one image but changing it up based on a different set of conditions.    I will be sharing these ideas in Tampa July 16 through the 19th 2018 at Watercolor Escape.  I love developing these workshops.  I hope some of you will be able to join me!

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Meera Rao said...

I have not tried ink on yupo -- This looks like something to investigate ;) And dryer to speed up things? - hair dryer ?

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