Tuesday, July 4, 2017



As much as I loved the golden background color on this painting, there was a lack of color harmony that was bothering me.  I could have glazed with a warm color over the skin tones but I decided to go with a cool color in the background.  I was hesitant to do anything because it couldn't be reversed if I didn't like it.  It was risky business but I took a chance and  I am very satisfied with the results.  



Rosie said...

Much better color harmony now, you are a naster with color. Love the purples and violets in the face.

Jennifer Stone said...

Indeed risky business, as I would've been hesitant to lose the wonderful "before" piece! But, you did a great job!

Chris Rogers said...

I like both. They have completely different "personalities," though, and I believe I'm attracted more to the original. Your willingness to experiment with a "finished" painting is what I most admire.

Nicely done.

RH Carpenter said...

You were right - looks much better in the 2nd version but you had to be brave (and not too attached to the painting) to do it.

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