Saturday, January 2, 2016


1/2/2016   "HARRIET"

So far I am staying on track with most of my goals.  My hope is that I will keep at it long enough for these activities to become ingrained habits that become what is called "automaticity".

This drawing was done in Procreate using the tool HB pencil.  I wanted to see the difference from yesterdays 6B pencil.  The Apple stylus is pressure sensitive, so if you push harder you will make a darker mark and just grazing the surface of the tablet lets you shade more lightly.  It seems the angle you hold the stylus will change the width of the mark.  Just like you would hold a pencil on its side to shade, the Apple Pencil Stylus seems to work the same way.   There is no battery indicator light on the stylus so there came a point where I was pushing and pushing and no marks were showing up.  I thought it was something I was doing wrong and then it occurred to me that the battery may have been used up.  It turns out the charging port on the iPad is very fast and in 15 secs. you can get another 30 minutes of drawing time.  My Google search also revealed where the information on the battery is kept.   I always feel so smug when I find out these little hidden "secrets" on my electronic devices.  I'm sure they are not really secrets but it feels like it to me.

It is always interesting to draw someone you know really well.   The hand on the drawing is too big and the side of her face needs a tiny adjustment but I am going to leave it alone.  Overall it is a good likeness.  This was from a screen shot I took when we were talking on Skype.  The camera in the computer is not overly kind and neither was I.  My sister is also an artist, so I must be prepared for payback!  I think I will pick someone who can't draw for my next victim tomorrow!


Candy said...

Myrna, you did a great job on this. I'm always interested in your tips on electronic devices. I think your sister will get a kick out of the drawing. If she returns the favor, you must post it here so we can all see it. Happy New Year!

Myrna Wacknov said...

Hi Candy, Thanks for the vote of confidence! I will be sure and post any paintings or drawings my sister does of me. Stay tuned!

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