Saturday, March 1, 2014



Yesterday I decided I wanted to do some string drawings.  If you missed my post on this fun way to draw, you take a long mop string, dip one end into a bottle of ink and then try to draw with this dangling, limp noodle.  Very interesting drawings result.  I have a large supply of blank newsprint paper that I usually use for this exercise.  Here is the drawing I created.


I must have attempted 5 or 6 images.  This is the only one I liked.  Next I decided to see how newsprint would take to mono printing with my large Gelli Plate.  When you add acrylic to even the cheapest  paper, it adds stability and functionality.  I thought I could practice mono printing ideas on the paper I just drew on.  Here is the drawing after I covered it with multiple mono printing passes.


The original drawing was pretty much obscured by the printing, so I wanted to see if I could paint a decent painting on this low grade paper.  I spread acrylic gel over an old unsuccessful painting that had collage on it and bonded the mono print on top.  

Today I painted on top with heavy acrylic using a credit card and a coffee stirrer like a palette knife.  The collage under the paper gave the surface a rough texture so the paint went on very brokenly when scraped across.


When I got it this far I was unhappy with the right eye and I needed to make further adjustments to the shape of his face.    Here is the final result with a few details.  Surprisingly, I can use this paper to do finished paintings on.  Wahoo!

So, here's the question:  Would this painting be considered a collage since it is painted on a single sheet of paper with nothing glued on top?


Randy Carboni said...

Love the idea of drawing with the mop string. I use the dropper on the ink bottle top to draw.

Joyfulartist said...

I don't know if it would be considered a collage or not. What I do know is that you can paint a marvelous painting on just about anything!

CrimsonLeaves said...

I wouldn't call this a collage but I sure love the beautiful effects you achieved with this method. There is an almost haunting quality that is hard to amazing piece, Myrna!

Mary Paquet said...

I would say it is not a collage. It is a painting adhered to a sturdy support.

Great piece -- I can't believe how many ways you find to vary texture and line!

barbra koenig said...

I don't really think it would be a collage if the textures are paints and inks. However, when I see your incredible work, I think you can call it whatever you want. I loved the ink drawing. I seem to be drawn to line drawings. You amaze me.

Jo Murray said...

Myrna...your portraits are matter what the medium.

Meera Rao said...

Such wonderful lines, textures and colors! and I don't think its a collage btw - but a unique painting for sure :)

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