Thursday, January 9, 2014


2nd Notan painting

Detail from 2nd Notan Painting

Finished 2nd Notan Painting
If you have been following along, I started this series out putting lots of juicy watercolor on a sheet of YUPO, trying to follow the directions from a video by Mark Mehaffey.  Then I took a second sheet of YUPO and placed it on top of the first sheet with all the wet paint.  When I picked the second sheet back up, both sheets were covered with paint in an interesting patterns.  There was so much juicy paint on the YUPO mono print, I decided to take an old Tyvek painting and  make another mono print.  There were lots of different colors when I started but they all kind of smooshed together and it came out mostly blue with a little of the other colors peeking through.  I made a stencil from a Tyvek envelope I picked up free at the post office.  By slitting the sides and opening the envelope up, you have a nice size piece of paper to create a big stencil.  I held the stencil down on the paper in strategic places with Museum Putty.  This is a product easily found here in earthquake country!  I gessoed the open areas of the stencil and then texturized the background with some lace and I used cheesecloth for the face.  This painting is mostly watercolor with a little acrylic.  I played around with my collection of watercolor sticks, as well as the Dr. Martin Hydrus and a little white acrylic ink. I decided  not to finish the painting with a strong Notan effect.  This isn't a show piece but the process has merit.  The lace texture is very appealing to me. 

Be sure and click on the individual images which will give you an enlargement where you can really see the texture.

I have the next one at the Notan stage.  It is from the YUPO mono print.  I have a few ideas of how to proceed from here.  I just have to decide which idea I want to go with first.  Best to sleep on it.


Jo Murray said...

Thanks for the insight into your process. Great result.

Maywyn Studio said...

Nice work. Interesting process. I like the way the finished one has face images in the patterns adding dimension.

Patty said...

I love to work on Yupo. Interesting
beginning with notan using stencils.
Nice-expressive brush, surface!

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