Sunday, April 8, 2012

FINALLY! Slideshow from Potomac Watercolor Workshop

Since closed up shop, I was having a difficult time finding a way to make the slide show. I apologize to all the great women who took the workshop and did such great work, for taking so long to put up the show, but you can see that everyone had fun and produced an amazing variety of images. This was the first Variations workshop where everyone did not use the same image. Many used my husband's image which I provided but some used their own. Great results either way. Jerry cut his hair this week so this is an homage to the bohemian that was!


CrimsonLeaves said...

What fabulous results your students achieved! These are all so magnificent!

. said...

Thats fantastic, love all the textures and would like to learn more about it... wish one was a bit closer to where the courses are held. Great work and slide show is a great way to show case them all.

Meera Rao said...

So fun to see all the works together! I still have two more days of workshop with you to write about in my blog - its been really good to go thru notes and commit to memory (and my blog for reference later!) at least part of what you taught :)

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