Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have spent the last several days finishing up several paintings and getting supplies together for a workshop I am taking starting Monday with Gerald Brommer.  Collage is a passion of mine and he is the master! He is also the master at teaching. This collage workshop is about value, direction, space, movement, etc.   This is my second workshop with him.  I was so impressed with the way he structured each lesson.  I know I will come away with great insight for my own work and helpful ideas for my teaching.  

Speaking of teaching, I just was asked to present my beginning portraiture workshop in Bend, Oregon at Art In the Mountains the week of July 25th, 2011.  This is a fabulous place to give (and take!) a workshop.  Perhaps I will see some of you there. 

I didn't want to start a new painting so I spent some time creating more drawings from drawings.  I discovered this amazing marker by copic.  It is capable of making a very very wide mark and also a very fine line plus everything inbetween.  The best thing is it is refillable!   A little messy, but it makes the marker more cost effective .  Here are the last three drawings that I did.  I was thinking about line variety, simplifying the number of lines, positive and negative space, shapes, etc.  In fact I was focusing on everything BUT likeness and portraiture.  It was fun trying different ways to angle the marker and using different edges for different marks.  


Michelle Himes said...

Oh, lucky you, Myrna! I love Jerry's workshops. He is a wonderful teacher. I will be looking forward to seeing and hearing about what you learned.

Paula Cravens said...

Alas, Myrna, I wish I had known you were teaching in Bend this year. I would have taken your course. Think about coming back. And thanks so much for sharing all your technical tips. I admire that marker!

Cynnie said...

mmmlike the effects this exta wide marker makes. and you....a workshop with Brommer....ahhh please,,do tell all...we all want to hear allll about it!! Wishing you a good week!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Myrna! Art in the Mountains has always sounded like a wonderful place to teach.

I am impressed by how you achieve the character of your subject even in the most expressive of self portraits you do; wonderful!

Mary Paquet said...

Neat new tool!

Have fun with Brommer. I know of at least one person who will be taking the class with you from SCVWS. Can't wait to see what you do with the collage.

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