Friday, October 23, 2009

"KITCHEN SINK" Day at the Stroud workshop!

Well, here is the result of throwing everything at the painting, including the kitchen sink. Betsy's demo painting is below mine. It is spectacular. It is even more special because it is of a good friend, Jane Ferguson. I think I have a better idea how to go about this now that I have gone through the motions. The actual figure got away from me. Her hair and shoe are the best part. I may continue to work on this painting to see if I can resolve the figure better and produce better skin tones. The important part is that I learned a lot of new processes which I can incorporate into my own style of work (what ever that is !)

One of the exciting things we did was make collage paper out of newspaper! We also carved our own stamps. That is something I intend to do more of. Pretty easy with the few simple tools.

Another great week. Art fills my life with such pleasure. I feel very blessed.


jgr said...

I love these! Oh my, the texture is wonderful and really makes the figure(s) 'pop'. Your piece has a mysterious quality about it. I think it's fantastic!
Thank you for the inspiration.

Mary Lou said...

Lucky you Myrna - I love Betsy's work - and she is a truly delightful, extremely talented, and wacky woman (my kind of gal). Her workshops are exciting & fun!

Would like to see what you did the first couple of days too.

Definitely think you should continue to develop this one - the shoe is great!

Thanks for sharing this.

Cynthia said...

WOW, and double WOW....both are absolutely fantastic!!! And I love your skin tones as the whole piece is so textural and creative that the yellow skin tones fit right in with the woman. Also I like the fact that you DON`T have the whole body the fact that the arm and shin and shoe are accented...I just LOVE this piece!!! The backgrounds on both are wonderful too. Such an excitinng workshop this must have been...lucky you!
Thanks so very much for inspiring us with your work!!!

Ginny Stiles said...

These are both absolutely fascinating. The texture is what does it plus your drawing of the figure is placed so well to make negative shapes interesting. Thanks so much for sharing and I think we'd all like to hear more about the process.

meera said...

wish I could see this in person -the texture looks exciting! nice piece :)

Joyfulartist said...

You are blessed indeed! And we are blessed to see your wonderful work. It really makes me want to get into the studio and play.

Grace Rankin said...

Love both you and Betsy. Good job.

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